Start your dog off
on the right paw.

Prepare your puppy for a lifetime by your side.

Your puppy is cute & adorable, but he’s causing chaos inside your home.

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Your new shoes are covered in bite marks, and your kitchen chair is now the latest chew toy.

The 3 AM potty walks were okay for the first day… but it’s been weeks, and you’re exhausted.

Attempting to teach your dog basic commands has fallen short.

When you tried to take your dog to the store with you, he was terrified – shaking uncontrollably, barking, and whining.

You need help from a professional puppy trainer in the Atlanta area to tame the chaos that arrived along with your new bundle of energy.


"Our puppy Lola completed a six-week Puppy101 training with Alan in his home and we couldn't be more satisfied. From the initial conversation with Alan to inquire about his background, knowledge and training offerings to the delivery of our pup post-training our experience was very positive. Alan helped define the best program option for Lola and as a result she has a strong foundation for us to reinforce and build upon. In addition to good manners, she is also a love-bug so it's obvious she was given a lot of love and positive feedback while in Alan's care. I highly recommend Alan's K9 Academy for your puppy/dog training needs."- Cindy F. (Yelp Review) 
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Alan's K9 Academy is proudly veterinarian recommended, reflecting our exceptional reputation for providing top-notch dog training and care that aligns with the highest standards of professional expertise in the field.
Puppy 101 Academy

Give your puppy the routines, structure, and training he needs in order to be set up for long-term success in your home.


Both puppies and adult dogs thrive on routine. This allows them to predict events, avoid feeling anxious, and create better behavior patterns.


In order to thrive, your puppy needs structure. They need consistency to know what behaviors are good and which ones they should avoid.


Your dog will learn basic commands like sit, down, stay, and come. He’ll also learn skills like loose leash walking, socialization, and puppy potty training from our Atlanta expert.
Puppy training is the most important thing you can do to help your puppy to become the dog you always wanted!

What To Expect in Puppy 101 Academy

Every moment is a teachable moment. Your puppy will come live with me for 4-8 weeks. Your pup will interact with my family, my dogs, and other client dogs – very similar to what he would experience at your home. During the day, your puppy will live life right alongside me.

The longer your puppy lives at the Academy, the more your pup can experience!
Learn basic skills and behaviors through both lifestyle training & one-on-one training sessions
Travel in a vehicle to help build confidence in moving vehicles & unfamiliar environments
Go on trips and experience public spaces – both inside and out – and learn how to behave correctly & work confidently in these places
Be exposed to other dogs & learn socialization skills
Practice walking (not pulling) on a leash in neighborhood, park, and retail settings
Learn essential behaviors including potty training, crate training, and basic commands
In addition to learning GOOD behaviors, Puppy 101 Academy also helps prevent puppies from learning bad behaviors. This way, you won’t have to worry about unwanted chewing incidents, potty accidents, digging, puppy biting, and jumping.

At the end of each day, your pup will be tuckered out from all the fun and enjoy a night of self-soothing toys and sleep inside his crate.

When your puppy trains with our Atlanta area academy, you’ll never have to worry about your dog being stuck in a crate for hours on end during the day or not being attended to at night.

Your dog will be well taken care of around the clock for the entire duration of Puppy 101 Academy.
Puppy Kindergarten is custom designed specifically with your training goals, lifestyle, dog’s skills, and dog’s personality in mind.

What Clients Just Like You Are Saying


"We just graduated from Alan’s basic training program and want to recommend this trainer to everyone who has a puppy. Alan showed us that with patience, consistency and positive reinforcement your puppy will be a loving addition to your family. Alan trained our puppy at our home, and I think that was a game changer. He was able to see what we were struggling with and addressed these issues where they were occurring, giving us practical solutions specific to our puppy. His passion for and understanding of dogs shows in every aspect of his training program." - Michelle P. (Google, Facebook Review)


"Alan was so wonderful training Harper, who just graduated from puppy 101. She is much easier to walk on a leash and knows all of her newly learned commands. We are so proud of her. Thank you so much Alan." - Vicki H. (Facebook Review)

Packages & Investment

Puppy 101 Academy is designed for puppies under 5 months old. What your pup can learn depends on their personality and how long you choose to let them experience life at the Academy.

Puppies can stay anywhere from 4-8weeks. The longer they stay, the more they can experience & learn.

All of our Atlanta area puppy training packages are custom to your puppy & your training goals.

Investment: Starting at $1,600 for 4 weeks

Early puppyhood is an absolutely
critical time for training.

Puppy training lays the groundwork for the relationship between you and your dog, your dog’s behavior, as well as future training.

Prepare your puppy for a lifetime by your side, by starting training off on the right paw.
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