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In the summer of 1991, I was a police officer working with local K9 unit handlers to track a murder suspect.

The talent of these dogs intrigued me. They had an incredible drive for pursuit and their tracking and scent work abilities were beyond anything I had ever thought possible.

Eventually, I became a K9 handler before becoming a master trainer. I loved my job.

After 15 years of working with police K9s and 8 years training them as a master trainer, I decided that some good things must come to an end and retired from the police force.

But I couldn’t stay away from dog training for long.

After getting constant requests from friends and family to help them with their dogs, I made a decision.

It was time to start dog training again.

…and that’s where Alan’s K9 Academy comes in.


"I have known Alan over 30 years &  remember when he started his career in law enforcement. Alan always had a passion and good understanding when working with and training dogs. Training seemed to come natural to Alan almost like he has a 6th sense connecting with the dogs. Over time I saw others in the department looking up to Alan as a mentor for dog training. If they had issues training their dog, they knew Alan could help solve the issue(s). Through the years I have seen and experienced Alan’s passion for training dogs, his attention to details, and willingness to learn more. I was very happy for him when he told me he was starting up Alan’s K-9 Academy. I know he will be successful helping others to train their dogs. Alan is very good at explaining the training process and over all communications." - Tom G.
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Dog training is different at Alan’s K9 Academy.

Most Atlanta area dog trainers use the same methodology over and over again. No matter the dog’s personality & motivation, they use the exact same training methods.

The truth is, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” dog training.

Why? Because all dogs are different.

Every dog has their own personality, temperament, skillset, & struggles. Every owner has a different lifestyle, training goals, and dreams for their dog.

It doesn’t make sense to try to train all dogs using the exact same methods.

When you work with Alan’s K9 Academy, we’ll use a variety of different training approaches to help your dog learn new skills and behavior. No cookie cutter training here!

Your training will be custom designed to fit your dog, your lifestyle, & your training goals.

Philosophy of Training



We use only science-based, positive-reinforcement methods to train dogs. This means using food, treats, toys, praise, and movement as a source of engagement and motivation instead of methods like spanking, yelling, and e-collars.


Nobody – human or dog - learns a new skill or language overnight. Teaching your dog new behaviors takes time, along with consistent practice & reinforcement.


We’re dedicated to making sure you get the life-long results you’re looking for with your dog. In return, we expect you to be dedicated to transforming your dog into the dog you always wanted.


"So happy with our experience with Alan's K9 Academy. We could tell from our first meeting that Alan is a gifted "dog whisperer". He connected immediately with our beautiful hound Dany. After our first meeting with Alan, we knew he could teach us so much. Each visit, he taught Dany a new skill, then had us practice giving the commands and reinforcements for Dany. Alan always makes sure he is addressing our primary concerns with Dany's behaviors.  Dany no longer pulls on walks. She is an expert at "sit", "stay", "down" and "come". While she continues to be an enthusiastic greeter of visitors to our home, we are working on perfecting her waiting in her "place" prior to coming to say hello. Prior to working with Alan, we tried group puppy classes and had a few individual training sessions with other dog trainers.  Alan's expertise, his ability to immediate bond and command respect, and his focus on building skills each session are simply unmatched." - Pam C. (Google, Facebook, Yelp Review)
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We'll Come to You!

We’re located in Rydal, Georgia, north of Atlanta off I-75.
However, we train dogs all over Metro Atlanta and the Greater Atlanta Area.
📍 Atlanta / Buckhead / Midtown

📍 Alpharetta

📍 Canton
📍 Cartersville

📍 Cumming

📍 Holly Springs
📍 Kennesaw

📍 Peachtree Corners

📍 Rome
📍 Roswell

📍 Sandy Springs

📍 Woodstock
We make Atlanta area dog training easy. Sure, you can absolutely come to Rydal to train, but we’ll also save you some time (and a little bit of sanity) and come to you for dog training sessions.
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